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When we talk about Kryvyi Rih National University and look through its history, the first thing that come to our mind is a region where the university is located. Kryvyi Rih National University is a leading educational-scientific center for training skilled specialists in the sphere of different kinds of engineering, ore-mining, metallurgy, ecology, economy for Central region of Ukraine, and first of all – Dnepropetrovsk region.

Nowadays it is a huge structure, which comprises 6 faculties: mechanical engineering and transport technologies, civil engineering, electric engineering, information technologies, business administration and economy, mining-metallurgical; 2 research institutes (Mining Institute and the Institute of Labour Safety and Ecology in the mining and metallurgical industry); 8 training colleges and technical schools; center of preparatory and postgraduate education, etc.

In 2022 KNU celebrates its 100th anniversary with new achievements in science and education. Long time ago it started to operate as a huge academic ore-mining and metallurgical center. Due to city location where extraction of iron ore is on the first place in the world, our students and graduates have a great opportunity not just to get theoretical knowledge but also obtain invaluable practical experience on the local enterprises. We can be proud of the best specialists graduated from our university who have been working as top-managers at mining-metallurgical companies around the world.
One of the point of international strategy of KNU is globalization which is nothing new for us. We welcomed first international students in 1952. They were from Cuba and Africa. Even in the hard days for Ukraine globally, we try to be attractive on the international level, support existing and develop future relations in order to invite new foreign students, creating good conditions for adaptation period, studying, living and socializing. Our graduates represent Kryvyi Rih National University world-wide and successfully realize obtained theoretical and practical knowledge.

The University has an international network, and cooperates with partners around the world at every level – from research, studies and teaching to administration. KNU cultivates partnerships with about 100 universities worldwide to foster international cooperation.

Due to the framework of bilateral student exchange agreements, our students have an opportunity to study abroad for one semester or to write their final thesis abroad where their previous studies are fully accredited. It is also possible for many students to complete their practical semester abroad.

Kryvyi Rih National University aims to deliver an excellent education, to carry out world-leading research, and to make significant contributions to society – locally, nationally, and internationally. Our extensive and ever-expanding global links have been developed to serve these principles.