Foreign citizens have a right to study at KNU due to international agreement between Ukraine and other countries; agreement between The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and ministries of other countries; contracts concluded between KNU and international organizations, companies and individuals.
KNU comprises preparatory department for foreigners headed by Natalia Sukhovenko.
Studying at preparatory department is a must for foreigners. During the course students get knowledge and skills necessary for further studying at the university. They are also able to adapt to new social and cultural environment.
Subjects which are learnt at preparatory department: Ukrainian, Math, Physics, chemistry, Computer Science, Drawing, Economics, History of Ukraine, Economic and Social Geography.
Foreign citizen must receive an invitation letter to studying.
To receive it one should:
To send an application to rector (in Ukrainian, Russian, English or French) asking for invitation.
Copies of these documents that should be faxed as well:
-Birth certificate or passport;
-Certificate of secondary education
-Address of a foreigner and the address where the invitation should be sent to.
Personal invitation is a ground for a student visa receiving in the Embassy of Ukraine in foreigner’s home country.
The academic year at the preparatory department comprises two terms:
І term lasts from September to January.
ІІ term lasts from February to June.
Examinations are passed at the end of each term.
On a successful completion of the exams students of preparatory department receive a certificate that allows him/her entering any institution of higher education of Ukraine.
Foreign citizen who has a diploma of his/her home country is able to continue studying the corresponding specialty at KNU provided that nostrification procedure was conducted by The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
The students awarded with Master’s degree are able to continue their studying at the post-graduate course of KNU. On thesis defense PhD degree is awarded.
List of documents to be submitted:
1.Hard copy of Certificate of secondary education comprising list of studied subjects and awarded marks (points), Ukrainian or Russian translation of which should be attached;
2.Certificate confirming AIDS clearance;
3.Statement of good health received in a home country not later than two months before arriving in Ukraine;
4.Copy of Birth certificate;
5.6 photos of 60×40 mm size;
6.Open-date return ticket for a term of a year;
Documents 1, 3, 4 should be attested corresponding to the legislation of the countries of their issue and legalized according to established procedure.
Course duration:
Preparatory department – 1 year;
Bachelor – 4 years;
Master – 1 year on Bachelor course completion;
PhD – 3 years (Master’s degree conferment)
DRS – 3 years (PhD degree conferment)