Partenaires universitaires

№ п/п Pays Université partenaire Type de coopération Accord
1. Algérie University of Science and Technology of Oran Mohamed-Boudiaf Construction 12.11.2008
2. Algérie Ferhat Abbas University Geology 01.01.2018
3. Belgique KU Leuven Tempus Erasmus+ 01.12.2013
7. Grande Bretagne British company Delcam Plc  Introduction of software Power Solution (Delcam Plc) into education process 08.10.2007
8. Grande Bretagne Buckinghamshire New University  Tempus project HETES, joint projects 01.12.2013
9. Vietnam Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Development of technology for the enrichment of titanium-containing raw materials of Vietnam 02.10.2012
10. Guinée INSTITUT SUPERIEUR DES MINES ET GEOLOGIE DE BOKE Joint publications, projects in Mining and Geology 02.10.2016
11. Kazakhstan Karaganda State Industrial University  Electric engineering and energy saving 20.04.2017
12. Kazakhstan Buketov University  Automobile transport, transport technologies. Professional training 01.09.2017
13. Canada Ontario Corporation 2416386 Education and internship. Mechanical engineering faculty 04.12.2017
14. Kirghizistan «Ala-Too International University  Cooperation within Erasmus+KA1 2016
15. Chine Lanzhou University International cooperation 15.06.2018
16. Chine Xi’AN University of Architecture and Technology International cooperation 15.06.2018
17. Chine Chinese Universities International cooperation 15.06.2018
18. Lettonie Riga Technical University Erasmus+KA1, Project Erasmus+ CybPhys 01.01.2018
19. Maroc National Institute of Electromechanical Engineering Exchange of research results, participation in conferences. Development of exchange programs and academic and scientific cooperation in fields of interest to both parties 24.02.2011
20. Allemagne Schneider Electric University club of Schneider Electric. Support with mordern equipment 31.10. 2011
21. Allemagne «Phoenix Contact» Company Cooperation on automation and networking technologies. Supply of laboratory stands and methodological support. 03.10.2012
22. Allemagne Jade University of Applied Sciences Joint research on geodesy, photogrametry and landing. Erasmus+KA1, academic exchange 14.01.2015
23. Allemagne Haimer Company Cooperation in mechanical engineering 01.12.2017
24. Pologne Silesian University of Technologies Erasmus+KA1 01.12.2013
25. Pologne AGH University of Science and Technology Academic exchange. Conducting basic and applied research in the fields of mineralogy, ecology, mining and geoengineering. 15.12.2003
26. Pologne European Association for the Safety of Life  Joint scientific and scientific-organizational activity within the framework of the problem « Safety of human life as a condition of constant development of modern society » 29.05.2008- 29.05.2014
27. Pologne Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Chełmie Cooperation in the field of training and education; in research and information activities; in culture and initiative of students and teachers 08.10.2013
28. Pologne Central Mining Institute Joint research of surface water protection 15.10.2013
29. Pologne University College of Social Sciences Academic exchange. Teachers’ and students’ internship. B2 program 15.01.2013
30. Pologne Old Polish University in Kielce Academic exchange. Teachers’ and students’ internship. 12.06.2019
31. Pologne Akademia Polijna Double-degree diploma program 01.09.2015
32. Pologne Lublin University of Technologies Double-degree diploma program 01.10.2017
33. Pologne University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin Double-degree diploma program 01.09.2016

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